Kenya Supply Unit

About Our Web App

We hope you will enjoy using our App and find it useful. If you have suggestions feel free to contact us. We want to meet your needs and improve. That’s why we plan to add more features as we launch the second phase of our Web App. The main functionalities we already planned to have in the near future are:-
• Items in the catalogue can be favorited
• Registered users can access history of all items requested for quotation
• Related items will be displayed when searching for a specific item
• Supply news updates from all OC’s
• Exploring ERP integration
• A mapping of processes and lead times for importation and exportation to countries in the region
• Overview of indicated transport prices to various destinations.
• Online Feedback form for claims, feedback and complaints.

About Us

• Due to the recent extension of curfew hours in Kenya we have resumed our normal working hours from 7:30am - 4:00pm EAT