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Partial Order Confirmation: Alignment with ESC frame to treat orders

As you may know, the ESCs are sending partial order confirmation. This way, we would avoid losing too much time on confirming an entire order while only few lines are pending

To make sure that you keep an entire overview of your initial request, you can access our Extranet (please contact us if you face any challenges or need some guidance for the first time) to the overview of the entire PO/RFQ

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Standard List

In order to be proactive, we are updating continuously MSF Supply Kenya Standard List. This list is dynamic and you can access on the website and in Unicat

You have a column with indication about pricing. Some items have a defined price (already negotiated with the supplier), some would hold only an indicative price (based on a purchase done in past 3 month) and some would have no price (meaning not purchased in past 3 months and no agreement with a supplier)

For the items not in the Standard List, we welcome your request and will work on it to provide you feedback about our capacity (specification of the products)

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Procurement and Purchasing

Local and international procurement of MSF approved medical and non-medical supplies

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Medical manufacture and supplier validation and managing Good Distribution Practices [GDP]

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Reception, storage, dispatch of medical [i.e. Cold Chain, controlled, expires drugs], logistical supplies [e.g. dangers goods, electrical, mechanical] and consumables [e.g. stationary, cleaning]. MSF Supply Kenya had 3 types of warehouse facilities in Nairobi: Transit Go Down [TGD], Export Processing Zone [EPZ] and an open warehouse

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Commitment on Lead-Time

For the items in the Standard List, we will send you an Order Confirmation (ORC) within 5 working days

For the items not in the Standard list, we will send you a feedback (ORC with detailed specification) within 10 working days

Please note that in the ORC, you will have information about price but also Lead-time to put the items in Ready To Ship zone

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Order Confirmation validity

Considering the dynamic market in which we are working in, we need you to confirm the ORC as quick as possible. For this reason, we expect to have a validation of the ORC within 2 weeks from the day you receive the ORC

We will send you a first reminder after one week. If no feedback after 10 days, we will send you a final reminder informing you that the order will be cancelled in the coming days

In case, you are in the final process of validation and need more than 2 weeks, please inform us so we can try our best to maintain the condition mentioned in the ORC. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will be successful

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Stock management

Quality control, Inventory management, kitting, packing and labeling

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Transit cargo management, cargo consolidation, local and international distribution of supplies by road, air and sea

Click here for an overview of the regional transport rates and here to see the countries we ship to

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Import / export

Clearing and forwarding of supplies purchased locally and internationally